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just another average girl.

So with a new year comes a new blog!

After 4 years of not blogging, this is actually pretty awkward. But I will try my best.

I'll start off with my Etude House haul.

Etude House Singapore posted that the Etude House Festive Sale (booth at Raffles Xchange) and Etude's 50% Great Sale (in-store) were on. So obviously, being the "kawaii-factor" fan I am, I had to go down and take a look, right?

I will confess, I was a little disappointed when I saw the products on offer at the Festive Sale. It was a warehouse clearance sale. Though I had mentally prepared myself that there wouldn't be any new products, I definitely wasn't expecting to see only discontinued items such as the Dear Darling Lips and the Petite Darling Nails.

The other thing that hit me was that these items are now discontinued.

Considering that I wasn't too into the Korean-wave when it hit, I only just noticed the Dear Darling Lips line at this Festive Sale. And now it's discontinued?


And I have been secretly stocking up a stash of Petite Darling Nails Matte. Yet I never noticed that they were taken off the shelves.

I'm a horrible fan.

But the booth wasn't too bad, since items sold are "exclusive" *cough* and extremely cheap. (Prices ranged from S$1 - 10. Pretty awesome if you ask me.)

On the other hand, Etude's 50% Great Sale was even more disappointing. Only selected items were for sale. And, as you can probably guess, these selected items were also clearance items. Worse still, it was only one shelf worth of products.

Seriously Etude?

Nonetheless, since it was a crazy at-least-50%-off sale, I treated myself to a huge haul.

From Left to Right;
Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips, Miss Tangerine VIP girl Dear Darling Lips, VIP girl Dear Darling Lips, Dream On Base, SHINI Star Lip Balm, WONDER PORE Soda Capsule, Aloha Two Two Kiss, LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge, Petite Darling Nails Matte
Hope to review some of these products soon!

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