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[Disclaimer] The following photos have been enhanced and may not necessarily reflect the products colour in real life.

As I mentioned in one of my past posts (here), recently, I had a huge haul from Etude House's Festive Sale and 50% Great Sale.

(Actually, on top of that, I have even more hauls from Etude House...)

I finally had the time to do actually get back to my haul (they are still in the plastic bag) and open them.

From my haul, I've decided to swatch the Miss Tangerine collection!

My three purchases of this collection are Miss Tangerine VIP girl Dear Darling Lips in OR205, Miss Tangerine LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge in #12, and Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips in #1 Shiny Pink Shower.

Firstly! Let's review the packaging! (And by packaging I mean box.)

I'm a huuuuge sucker of pretty packaging, and Etude House really impresses me with their cutesy-girly style. The Miss Tangerine collection is really refreshing as, obviously from its name, it sports a warm, peachy-orange theme. The Tangerine word on the box is in a scarf or bandana style, and around it are... orange berries? I think those are meant to be tangerines, but I wouldn't know.
The overall theme still remains cutesy and isn't too shocking, despite the orangey-ness of it (for me anyway).

For me, I've never actually seen an orange lipstick. Etude is the first to promote such a lip colour. When I first saw the Miss Tangerine collection, I pretty much went "OMG who would wear that???"
Reality is ironic.
Either way, I've stuck to less orange toned lip colours in this collection.

Moving on to the swatches!

Miss Tangerine VIP girl Dear Darling Lips in OR205

This colour is a milky peach. In a way I think it is safe to describe it as... a pastel nude?

Miss Tangerine LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge in #12

Surprisingly, this was a bright, slightly cool pink. I was expecting a warmer colour since that was the vibe I got from the collection.

Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips in #1 Shiny Pink Shower
When I swatched this, the first thing that came into my mind was "Gee this is pretty sheer." The second thing was "Did my lip colour just melt and disintegrate on my hand?" (You can actually see that the swatch is gloopy.)
I'm not too sure if I swatched too hard, or if the product is really meant to be so soft, or if I was just unlucky. (Since this IS a discontinued product after all... It pretty much is old.)
Also, Sweet Shower Lips is glittery and shimmers.

Overall, VIP girl Dear Darling Lips OR205 is the most orange colour amongst my purchases for this collection, LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge #12 is the pinkest and Sweet Shower Lips #1 Shiny Pink Shower is the most sheer.
Despite my initial thoughts about the Sweet Shower Lips, I think it might be intentional, and that it would be an extremely moisturising product for the lips. However, the glitter or shimmers are pretty noticeable, and this could either be a good thing or a bad thing...

Well, I guess I'll only know when I actually try them out.

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