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So I was making my usual rounds at Watsons, thinking of whether to get more Majolica Majorca products since there was a 20%+5% off for members when I saw...

Now I'm not a big fan of Kanebo KATE's designs, but the Kanebo KATE Magical Aurora Eyes eyeshadow palette really caught my eye.

The sleek, black design isn't quite my style. But packaging isn't everything.

My most favourite colour is probably white. Naturally, this palette immediately got my attention even though the tester was hidden and pretty unnoticeable.
Also, an all white palette is pretty... strange.. So I had to take a closer look.

On closer inspection, the palette is actually made of a pale pink, pale mint, pale gold and matte, dark chocolate eyeshadows.

With Flash

I swatched the eyeshadows using the tester at Watsons because my heart breaks at the thought of using my own.
After swatching, the colours of the eyeshadow become more pronounced. Just like its name, the colours remind one of a magical aurora, changing colours and seemingly dancing. It reminds me of faeries.
The brown is included in the palette to be used as a base, and to bring out the "aurora" colours. With the brown as a base, the "aurora" colours become more vivid.
I forgot to swatch the brown on its own, but it's a kind of dusty, powder. The powder is really soft and creates a smudgey effect easily.

However... I did notice that this palette reminds me of Majolica Majorca's Little Humming Book I palette. So I swatched that too.

With Flash

The two swatches are really very similar. With slight differences of course.
Majo uses a seemingly black but actually plum cream base, and instead of a gold shadow, it includes a lip gloss instead.
Now I know nothing about cream shadows, but personally, I think Majo's base is a tad bit too dark for me. Just my personal preference. But maybe for others, they prefer the darker contrast? Admittedly, the darker base does create a nicer effect.
Also, comparing the two palettes, Kate's pink colour is lighter than the one in Majo's palette. In fact, I think it's more of a purple, or lavender, than pink.

But these are really very slight differences.

Since I don't really use lipgloss, at least, not in palette form, I decided to get the Kate Magical Aurora Eyes despite being a huge Majolica Majorca fan.

Overall, I think the Magical Aurora Eyes can be worn with or without the base.
Using the Aurora colours on their own would create a more "day-look", while using the base could create a more "night-look".
I suppose it's possible to use the brown base on its own as well... But it may be a bit too smudgey.

magical aurora eyes
Like aurora shining through the dark horizon

white powder mysteriously change into clear aurora colors 
bring out beautiful shine to the eye of the beholder

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