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Sorry, some of the pictures in this post are not the best quality, I might retake them at a later date.
So the other day, I was going out for a bit, and I decided to try on some stuff of my Etude House haul.
Cos if I don't use them, they are just going to lie there and... well, just lie there.

I think the LUCIDarling Over the Rainblusher comes in 3 shades, a highlighter shade, a pink blush, and an orange blush. I got #01 Hawaiian Rainbow, the highlighter shade, since the only other colour available was #02 Cherry Couple Rainbow, the pink blush. And as much as I love pink, pink is not very flattering on my skin.

When I was choosing Hawaiian Rainbow, I was thinking that maybe I could maybe use it as a kind of nuance eyeshadow palette or something.

So without further ado, I present you the LUCIDarling Over the Rainblusher; #01 Hawaiian Rainbow.

LUCIDarling Over the Rainblusher in #01 Hawaiian Rainbow, the highlighter shade
The packaging is just like the rest of the LUCIDarling collection. The box is shiny, metallic, and almost reflective. I guess it was when Etude House was aiming for an older audience? The container itself is just as drab; Plain, nothing special. I guess the only "cute" point is the little plastic bow clasp. 

Back of the box

The back of the box actually has some instructions on how to apply the highlighter, but it's in Korean. But the two pictures are pretty straightforward actually. Generally, it should be applied on the T-zone, apple of the cheeks and chin. It's supposed to give your face a healthy, dewy glow? (But I'm sure there are other products for that these days. BB enhancers or sorts.)

The rainbow palette highlighter inside…

The highlighter is made of 5 colours, blue, red, orange, yellow, and green. It even comes with a mirror!

Individual swatches of each colour. From left to right, green, yellow, orange, red, blue

The differences of each colour isn't too distinct... even in real life. Sure there are the subtle differences, but not distinct enough to be visible if you wear it as eyeshadow. But, personally, my favourite shade is the green.

On the arm, swatch of the colours mixed together

When mixed together, the swatch doesn't really have any colour, but seems to be purely made of shimmer.

After swatching, my fingers were covered in shimmers. In terms of shimmers, this highlighter is probably the winner. It's not easy to get these off either.

In summary, this highlighter is extremely shimmery, and may be difficult to remove. So you have to be very careful not to apply too much, or to apply wrongly.

I actually tried applying on my eyelids too, but the results were nothing fantastic. In fact, they were kind of terrible. One eye had more shimmer than the other, and I when I tried to remove the excess, the shimmers smudged and made my face a mess...

On top of that, I personally don't really like highlighters as I have oily combination skin, so I prefer matt finishes.

If you like shimmers, maybe you will like Over the Rainblusher. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

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