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So for the past two days, I've been going out and I've caught The Croods and Warm Bodies in the cinemas.

I enjoyed both movies very much, so I decided to blog a teeny tiny little bit on them.

The Croods
Initially, the whole idea of watching a bunch of caveman "discovering a new world" seemed pretty dumb and I was gonna pass, but hey, I'm a sucker for kids cartoons.

Movie poster for The Croods

Firstly, I absolutely love the character design of the main character.

Eep is absolutely stunning, despite being a relatively large sized girl. I love how she comes across in the trailer as a passionate, wilful, strong and independent girl. To me, she is the evidence that women can be beautiful, even if they are plus-sized.
But she's a computer generated, animated cartoon character, so meh.

Her boyfriend, Guy, is a stark contrast to her father and her brother and the whole of her family for that matter. Guy is really your typical pretty boy, slim-to-medium sized built, and your must have tousled hair.

Now this movie made me cry. Like 3 times. In a row. Which is pretty annoying since it makes me feel stupid.

Grug, the father and the head of the family, is the protective papa who keeps the family safe and sound. His wife, Ugga, is a gentle woman who supports her husband from the side but is more rational than said husband. Thunk, the middle child and only son, is, in short, a dimwit. His thickheadedness frankly gets on my nerves, but thankfully he isn't that important a character really. Youngest daughter, Sandy, is like the chihuahua of the family. And Gran, the maternal grandmother who just wouldn't die.

There isn't really a "bad guy" in this movie, and the Croods family is pretty sweet and loving in their own way. I really connect with Grug as he sort of reminds me of my own father; Protective, sometimes to the point of being irrational, and completely outdated.

When Grug was separated from the family, I cried. I was wailing "Oh no he's gonna die!!! But this is a kids movie. No one dies ever. At least, not on screen.

In summary... It's a pretty enjoyable movie, especially for kids. The little quirks of the cavemen and their relatable family arguments, I love it all.
However, the overall plot is mundane, bland, cliche.

Pretty much goes like this.

Girl live with family in a strict, un-fun lifestyle. Girl decides to break the rules by sneaking out at night. Girl meets boy. This is not what it sounds like. Boy tells girl the world is ending. World "ends", forcing family to give up their strict, un-fun lifestyle. Power struggle between father and boy. Eventually, the whole family converts, thus helping them survive the end of the world and they live happily ever after.


But don't let my opinions influence you. Go ahead and watch this show with a bunch of kids-at-heart friends. Or kids.

I'd rate this...
3 out of 5

Warm Bodies
I watched this with my boyfriend. And our opinions differ greatly. In short, I was pretty cool with the movie, he thought it was a waste of time.

Movie poster for Warm Bodies

Zombies. Who doesn't love them really. The whole idea of walking around with blood all over your face and no one judging you for it, I think its pretty cool. Downside of it is that you're dead.

So the interesting twist here is that zombie boy R meets cute survivor girl Julie and that sparked something in him, and made him... come back alive?

Okay, so when you put it that way, it sounds pretty dumb.

But the cute thing of this movie is that you're in the head of R, listening to his thoughts. And surprisingly, they are pretty coherent and human.

The fun part of this movie is the interactions between R and Julie and R's thoughts. The way R seems fully, or rather vaguely fully, aware of his status as a zombie is cute. My personal favourite parts of the movie was when R introduced his "best friend"and when Julie changed out of her clothes. Oh and the make up. Never forget the make up.

But is the movie worth watching in cinemas?
Mmmmmmm... no.

Wait for the TV premier. Or rent the movie. I guess it would be pretty fun to watch during an all-girls sleepover.

Boys... you might wanna pass this one. There just isn't enough action or boobies.

I'd rate this...
It really depends. This won't appeal to everyone.
Aww. Look at him. He's like a puppy!

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